eight “It Luggage” that may dominate your social feed in 2021

One of my many New Year goals, including daily meditation, screen free Saturdays, clean eating, etc., is to be a more conscious consumer. This means buying fewer but better things from brands I love. One of my favorite items with large tickets is a bag – the reason is that a high quality bag lasts really long and can be carried for several seasons. Luxury accessories quickly bring out the look of basics (add your favorite jeans and t-shirts here!). Not to mention that a good bag still has value. So if you choose to resell, that option is always yours. Even so, making a big purchase can be intimidating. One way to make sure you choose the right bag is to avoid anything too trendy. Designers are bringing back iconic shapes from the last decade that have proven to be permanent, as well as some new shapes worthy of your permanent collection. If you are looking for a new top of the line luxury handbag in the market, these are definitely worth the effort.

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