eight hassle-free self-tanners for an prompt divine glow


There’s really nothing quite like the anxiety you get every time you try a new self-tanner. A million questions come to mind. Will it come out streaky? Or maybe look orange? Will it smell funny? Will it get all over my clothes? Did I miss a patch or patches on my back? The scenarios are really crazy. But you go further and try to find the best self-tanner for you because you’re determined to damn well get a tan.

As if you weren’t already on the battle bus, there’s a plethora of products ranging from self-tanning mists, sunless lotions, spray tans, foamy mousses, and tanning gels. We’re not exaggerating a bit. And of course, they all promise to transform you into the gorgeous bronze goddess you’ve always dreamed of. But where exactly should a girl start?

Well, that’s where we come in. As experts in the beauty business, we set out to find the latest and greatest self-tanners to hit the market. Hell, we’re a shade darker just thinking about her.

Are you looking for a sunless tanner that will make people think you’re visiting tropical destinations this season? Then read on to find your best self-tanner.

  • luxury The Gradual Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion, $33 at Sephora

    If you prefer progressing to bronze, meet your new BFF. The blend of oil and lotion slowly tans the skin while nourishing it with naturally derived raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. It even helps tighten the skin thanks to its Cellutone complex.

  • COOL Suncare Organic Sunless Tan Firming Lotion, $46 at Nordstrom

    Get a tan at any time of the year and tone your body with this lotion. It features a unique DHA derived from sugar beet and an exotic blend of green caffeine, Alaria esculenta seaweed and pea extract. Simply place a quarter-sized amount in the palm of your hand and spread evenly over body. Massage in with circular movements and let dry.

  • beauty from earth Self Tanner, $31.99 at Amazon

    An all-natural vegan self-tanner that delivers a golden glow? Yes, please. This best self tanner contains organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and nutritious Japanese green tea, so it’s really good for your skin. And if you’re on the sensitive side, this choice is perfect as it gives you a sun-kissed glow without the irritation.

  • Fake Cake Double Shot Espresso, $27.50 at Fake Bake

    If you’re looking for a self-tanner that gives you instant color, this product won’t disappoint. While any brave soul is free to try it, this self-tanner was designed for experienced users as it offers intense and dark colors with triple the brand’s maximum strength tanning concentration (but don’t worry, newbies, it’s completely streak-free). . We like to think of it as our self-tan on steroids, or in this case, a double espresso.

  • St Tropez Gradual tan in the shower, $25 in St.Tropez

    If you’re looking for a foolproof self-tanner, then this product might just be for you. And if you can’t try a new product without worrying about it turning streaky or orange, let us put those worries to rest. Apply this gradual self-tan right after your shower and wait three minutes (doing a little shower karaoke while you’re at it). As soon as you wash it off, your tan will set in and you’ll be left with a nice, subtle shine that won’t rub off on clothes. Practical? Yes. Easy? Yes. Great? Definitely.

  • island of paradise Glow Clear, color-correcting self-tanning mousse, $29 at Sephora

    This lightweight, clear, water-to-foam formula is infused with color-correcting agents for a natural-looking shine. The mousse absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin with avocado oil. Not to mention chia seeds to support your skin barrier.

  • Liberated Life Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish, $31.19 at Amazon

    What is one of the biggest benefits of using a self-tanner? It helps hide imperfections while adding color to you. Vita Liberata capitalized on this strength and launched its self-tanner, Body Blur, to conceal body imperfections. The best self-tanner is made up of micronized particles that reflect light, making it perfect for anyone who wants to look flawless on camera (or IRL).

  • Solé spray Sun Jelly Self Tan, $45 at Spray di Solé

    What’s one of the most annoying hallmarks of self-tanner? His ability to make your hands look like you’ve just finished a whole bag of Cheetos (especially if you sit down and forget to wash your hands right away). This is where the Spray di Sole Sun Jelly Self Tan comes into play. Invented by Kate Hudson’s tanning master, the self-tanner not only contains skin-health ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, but it also comes with a Kabuki body brush, ensuring even coverage without getting your hands dirty. The brush gently exfoliates the skin during application, leaving your skin soft and tanned. How’s that for a one-two?

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