eight cute flannel shirt outfit concepts stolen from motion pictures

I have the kind of relationship with my flannel shirt that you may have with your UGG boots. No matter what time of year, I can always find an excuse to wear mine. It’s soft, as comfortable as PJs, and can be styled up or down – for wearing down or for lounging around the house. While oversized plaids are closely associated with the ’90s and some of the best flannel outfits actually date from that time – recreated to this day – there have been movie moments over the years that also prove the stamina of the trend.

Tai wears her flannel tied around her waist for a short biker workout Clueless. Hallie and Annie rock their plaid throwover with bandana ties for the family hike in at the end of summer The parent trap. There are, of course, lesser-known moments in flannel films that probably crossed your mind. You will be amazed how excited you are about creating an outfit around your plaid shirt when you remember all the screen-style moments ahead.

Scroll down to find eight plaids that I consider iconic, then shop for essentials to show my dedication to flannel fashion in the movie.

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