EE’s Apple Watch Sequence 7 provide features a giveaway that may make your coronary heart beat quicker

If you’re thinking of buying an Apple Watch Series 7, EE is giving away the perfect freebie to make your heart beat faster. With the cheapest Apple Watch Series 7 plan, EE offers six months of free access to Apple Fitness +. This subscription service for the Apple Watch includes new weekly workouts, guided meditations and much more.

It usually costs 9.99 euros a month and is the ideal training partner for your Apple Watch. Hence, the current freebie from EE is worth £ 59.94.

The Apple Fitness + Freebie is included in EE’s 4GB Watch Series 7 data plans with prices starting at £ 28 per month.

Another eye-catching deal for the Apple Watch Series 7 is available at O2, with Apple’s latest and greatest wearable starting at just £ 17.99 per month.

In contrast to EE, however, the contracts available at O2 run for 36 months.

The Apple Watch Series 7 launched on Friday, October 15th, and if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your aging Apple Watch for some time – or just want to immerse yourself in the smartwatch scene for the first time – now is the perfect time to do so.

Apple says the Watch Series 7 is “the most durable Apple Watch ever” and offers “the largest, most advanced display” ever seen on the smartwatch line. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a screen size up to 20 percent larger than its predecessor and is the first to receive IP6X dust protection certification.

It also features a more break-proof front glass and benefits from a design shake-up thanks to the more appealing, softer, rounded corners.

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