EE vs Vodafone vs O2: Supplier named and embarrassed for the way in which they deal with complaints

EE, Vodafone and O2 customers can now find out how their service holds up against the competition. A new study shows which mobile operator receives the most complaints. Ofcom released a new report analyzing which wireless operator received the most complaints in the last quarter of last year. And Ofcom placed two providers in last place.

Both Three and iD Mobile received the most monthly mobile payment complaints per 100,000 customers.

Three and iD Mobile received six complaints per 100,000, Virgin Media and Vodafone just behind five per 100,000.

Ofcom said more than a third (37 percent) of iD Mobile’s complaints were related to complaint handling.

While the other issues customers had had to do with errors, service, and complaints (18 percent), as well as issues related to switching providers.

For Three, the biggest customer concern was billing, pricing, and fees (30 percent), followed by handling complaints (25 percent) and issues related to switching providers (19 percent).

The main driver of complaints among Virgin Media customers was the handling of complaints, followed by a change of provider and errors, service and delivery problems.

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This quartet of wireless carriers received more complaints than the industry average (three per 100,000), as did BT Mobile (four per 100,000).

At the top of the pile was Tesco Mobile, which received only one complaint for every 100,000 subscribers.

Tesco’s offer was followed closely by three operators – Sky Mobile, EE and O2, who had only two complaints per 100,000.

Overall, Ofcom said the top causes of complaints at monthly pay cellular carriers were complaints handling (26 percent), billing, pricing, and fee-related issues (22 percent), and errors, service and deployment issues (22 percent).

Ofcom also rated which broadband, pay-TV and landline telephone services received the most and least complaints.

Here’s what you need to know: Different service providers are ranked from best to worst …

Broadband complaints per 100,000: EE – 6, Sky – 7, BT – 14, TalkTalk – 19, Plusnet – 21, Virgin Media – 23, Vodafone – 30.

(Industry average of 16)

Landline complaints per 100,000: EE – 3, Sky – 4, BT – 8, Plusnet – 12, Virgin Media – 13, TalkTalk – 14, Vodafone – 15.

(Industry average 9)

Pay TV complaints per 100,000: Sky – 1, TalkTalk – 5, BT – 8, Virgin Media – 12.

(Industry average of 5)

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