EE prospects get probably the greatest upgrades in years, however with a warning

EE is making one of the biggest and most welcome changes in years that should mean you’ll never miss a WhatsApp message or email again. The UK network has just announced that all new or existing customers who upgrade their current tariff will enjoy the company’s “Stay Connected” guarantee. This update means that anyone who exceeds their monthly data volume can still connect to the Internet without having to buy additional access.

For anyone who runs out of data on a regular basis, it’s worth noting that this free internet boost doesn’t let you stream endless Netflix box sets or spend hours downloading music files.

It is designed to keep customers connected with email and WhatsApp messages until their full balance picks up again at the start of a new month.

As EE explains: “The EE Stay Connected service turns on automatically as soon as a customer has used up their monthly data volume and is fast enough for customers to send and receive data messages, check their e-mails on the go and have access to where they are need to go to maps – help them keep in touch. “

It’s a nice addition to EE because if you run out of data just a few days before your next permit starts, you should avoid buying expensive data add-ons.

EE says it will be available for new Smart and Essential Pay monthly plans and SIM-only plans starting July 7th.

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Commenting on the update, Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division, said: “We are always looking for ways to give our customers the best experience using our award-winning 4G and 5G networks.

“That’s why we’re introducing ‘Stay Connected’ data into our new monthly plans and becoming the only major UK network that allows customers to stay connected when their monthly data runs out at no extra cost.”

That’s the good news, but there’s a catch. If you sign up from July 7th and receive the Stay Connected update, you will also have to pay to use your phone in Europe.

Starting tomorrow, anyone joining EE or updating their current listing will have to pay £ 2 a day to access their UK allowance abroad. That controversial fee actually starts in January 2021, with EE saying the new rules will only apply to new customers joining the network or existing users who switch to a new offering after the July deadline.

That said, as long as you buy a new contract now or switch to another before tomorrow, you won’t face the penalty for sending messages and checking Facebook by the pool.

However, if you take out this new contract today, you will not be able to benefit from this Stay Connected Guarantee either. It looks like EE customers have some tough choices to make.

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