EE points important e mail warnings that clients shouldn’t ignore

Along with the warning, EE also posted pictures of the fake emails and the login page to show customers how easy it is to be fooled. To the untrained eye, they look like a real deal, making it difficult to see that it is simply a scam.

EE’s warning was originally released last year, but customers continue to be affected by the attack, and some even admit to being fell for it.

In a recent post on Twitter, EE users said, “Somebody texted me saying they were from EE. So I just clicked the link so I didn’t miss a payment. I was a number but they can get you at a bad time. ” “”

Security experts, along with EE, have warned consumers about this latest threat. Ray Walsh, ProPrivacy digital privacy expert, said, “EE customers must be aware of a phishing campaign that is successfully masquerading as a mobile phone brand.

“Hackers send out legitimate looking phishing emails that use the EE brand to convince users that their account will be suspended for a failed payment. Always be extremely careful with incoming emails that contain links and ask Make sure you only have access to it. ” Your online accounts in your browser to check you are going to the real service and never from a link in an email directing you to a clone website that is supposed to steal your personal information. “

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