EE is freely giving a FREE bonus that can make the hearts of Apple followers beat quicker

EE just announced a tasty new offering for fitness enthusiasts looking for a better – and cheaper – way to track their workout experience.

Starting this week, customers who purchase an Apple Watch over the cellular network will receive a free subscription to Apple’s fitness service. Offer is available to anyone who purchases an Apple Watch Series 6 or SE through an EE Paired Watch plan. It includes up to six months of free access to Apple Fitness +.

Starting at just £ 20 a month for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 for £ 28 a month, this is an absolute bargain for fitness fans. Apple Fitness + typically costs £ 9.99 per month, which saves up to £ 59.94 over the period. The watch plan also includes unlimited data through a 24 month contract.

Apple Fitness + is a training platform that streamed studio-style workouts directly to your Apple devices. These include biking, rowing, treadmill, yoga, and dance routines that will get you in shape from the comfort of your home.

You need an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or higher on the EE network with either just a SIM card or a monthly plan to connect your watch. And to be able to participate in the workouts, you must also have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

“The workouts are led by a phenomenal team of coaches whose approach is welcoming to everyone and is powered by inspiring music from today’s top artists designed to motivate users from start to finish,” says EE of the platform.

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EE also announced a new pay-as-you-go contract, PAYG, with its Connected Data SIM packages. These contract-free SIMs are designed for tablets, laptops and mobile broadband devices and have a pre-installed data volume. They start at £ 30 for 30 GB over two months and go up to £ 50 for 120 GB over 12 months.

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