EE has launched its “finest” SIM deal ever and the timing could not be higher

After months of strict lockdown, businesses in England and Wales can open. Pubs and restaurants with outdoor areas can welcome customers again. Unnecessary shops, hairdressers and fitness studios are also open. As people spend more time away from home, mobile data will once again be critical.

With millions working and studying from home and being connected to their home Wi-Fi all day, there was little need for a huge amount of mobile data, which is often one of the most expensive parts of a monthly pay or SIM-only contract. However, that will soon change. From sending pictures and videos via WhatsApp to checking directions on Google Maps, answering FaceTime calls, checking profiles for hinge, finding out the latest soccer results, shopping on the go, and much more, you need to be packed with features of 4G and 5G data.

And this is where EE’s latest SIM-only deal comes in.

EE is consistently rated as one of the UK’s most reliable and fastest mobile operators. However, it’s not known for its aggressive price tags.

The latest offering, which the company has dubbed “the best ever,” is perfect for anyone happy with their existing smartphone model. Since this is only a SIM offer, you will not receive a new handset from EE with the bundle. However, you get a very generous 160GB of mobile data. That should be more than enough to stream YouTube and Netflix on your way to work, answer video calls from friends and family, and download apps to order from the table in your local pub.

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And if you have a 5G compatible handset, you can take advantage of that 160GB capacity over super fast 5G networks. 5G speeds are much faster than average broadband speeds in the UK, so you can download apps, software updates, movies and more from home faster than you are at home.

Not only that, EE throws in some extra freebies too.

Not only SIM customers get six months of free music streaming with Apple Music, but also three months of streaming with BT Sport. If you have family members at EE and don’t think you can get to the full 160GB capacity, you can share that 4G and 5G data with them too.

There is no word on when EE’s best offer to date will expire. So if you want to update your amount of data (and tune in to devices at BT Sport for free), add it to your online shopping cart sooner rather than later.

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