Echo Present 10 take a look at: Amazon’s rotating sensible speaker is a twist too far

Amazon Echo Show 10 review (Image: AMAZON)

Amazon is back with a brand new Echo and this latest smart speaker offers a pretty bizarre twist. Echo Show 10 includes a crisp 10.1-inch touchscreen that may not sound like anything new. After all, Amazon has been making loudspeakers with displays for over three years. What is special about his latest Alexa gadget with a touchscreen, however, is that the display actually follows you across the room. Yes, you read that right. As you meander through the kitchen, the Echo Show 10’s screen hums to track your movements.

According to Amazon, this means you can always see what’s on the Echo Show 10’s screen when you go to the fridge for a beer or let the dog in through the back door. So you can quickly take a look at the weather, see a reminder or follow a cooking tutorial.

The concept of always having the ideal viewing angle while watching movies on Prime Video and chatting with relatives on video calls may sound very appealing … didn’t test this new technology in our home at all convinced it’s something we need in our life.

Although Amazon confirms that its Show 10 is not tracking, storing, or broadcasting any data from the camera that would allow that motion tracking back to its Seattle headquarters – the whole thing still feels a bit creepy and (worse) it all feels a bit pointless. As soon as you use the wake-up word “Alexa”, the built-in camera recognizes what it recognizes as a human face.

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Amazon Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show 10 follows you across the room (Image: AMAZON)

This allows the screen to be rotated to find the source of the sound. It is assumed that this is the source when you move around in space.

Once the interaction is over, the display will reset to set the position for the next time you bark an order from Alexa. To do justice to Amazon’s design team, this all works pretty well and the fact that it’s so quiet is a smart piece of tech.

During our testing, the screen spun when we asked and clung to our face with fairly high accuracy. But it doesn’t always do everything right.

We found that when two people are close together it can get confused, and there has been one case or another where it has appeared like it was spinning itself in the completely wrong direction, which is very irritating.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10 (Image: AMAZON)

We’ve always liked the concept of the Echo Show, but for most households this new device just feels like a step too far.

If you’re a Premier League soccer player and live in a palace-style mansion, this spinning speaker might make more sense, but for the average family semi, we really don’t see the point of a moving display. In fact, in our testing, we found that we would rather have a standard static echo show in the kitchen. Considering that you can now buy the Echo Show 5 for just $ 39.99, the Echo Show 10 feels like a pretty expensive gimmick for $ 239.99.

One final point of criticism is the lack of support for video calling for other platforms. According to Amazon, the Zoom integration is coming in the future, but there is no way to make calls using popular services like WhatsApp, FaceTime or Hangouts. Given that Facebook (owned by WhatsApp) and Google (owned by Hangouts) have their own screen smart home devices that compete with the Echo Show, we don’t expect those to appear on this competing gadget anytime soon.

In many ways, it’s a shame we were disappointed with the Echo Show 10 because this smart speaker actually has tons of features to love.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10 has a 10.1 inch screen (Image: AMAZON)

This gorgeous 10.1 inch screen is bright, colorful and razor sharp. You also get excellent sound from the directional speakers located in the base. These are easily good enough to fill a room with music, and the bass adds a lot of punch to your favorite playlist.

The built-in 13 megapixel camera has also been updated to allow for crystal clear video calls. You can also access it remotely for an instant 360-degree view of your home right on your smartphone.

As long as you haven’t freaked out about your echo by the echo of the inside of your property, this is a nice feature that can give you peace of mind when we all get out of lockdown.

Of course, Show 10 is backed by Alexa, who continues to be one of the best virtual assistants out there. It has simple voice commands that bring the latest news, soccer results, and even things like easy-to-follow recipes and your family photo albums on-screen.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10 will be released in the UK (Image: AMAZON)

The display can also be used to watch videos from services like Prime Video, BBC and YouTube. Also, karaoke-style lyrics are displayed when Prime Music tracks are listed.

As with the Amazon Echo, a ZigBee hub is also integrated here, so you don’t have to connect any additional hubs to your router when you buy Philips Hue smart lamps or any number of other connected home devices – the Echo Show 10 handles. so that your new kit works immediately.

This is also one of Amazon’s most environmentally friendly devices. The speaker is made of 30% recycled post-consumer plastics, 100% recycled post-consumer materials and 100% recycled die-cast aluminum. There’s also a power saver mode to make sure you don’t get an expensive electricity bill at the end of the month.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Final Verdict

PROS • Great 10.1 inch screen • Good sound • Alexa is very useful on the display
disadvantage • Swivel feels like an expensive gimmick. • Other show speakers are better value for money. • Pointless for smaller houses

Sorry Amazon, but the Echo Show 10 is not for us. While we were impressed by the design and the almost noiseless gear system that powers the whole thing, the whole thing seems to be out to solve a problem that just doesn’t exist.

The Echo Show 10 has some stunning audio and visuals on the crisp touchscreen display, but you’re paying a premium for a gimmick we’re not sure most households will need. Not to mention a gimmick that doesn’t always work when there are two or more people in the room.

That’s not to say some won’t love the twisting screen technology, but we’d prefer to stick with the standard show models, which are both cheaper and perfectly quiet. If you live in a luxury home with rooms the size of Albert Hall and are constantly looking on the wrong side of your smart home devices, Show 10 might make more sense.

For everyone else, we recommend the excellent Echo Show 5 (currently £ 39.99) or the Echo Show 8 (currently £ 64.99). Both have touch screens that allow video calls, step-by-step cooking instructions, and more. And if you sometimes can’t see the screen – don’t worry, Alexa was originally designed as a voice assistant, so you can still easily read the answer to your question aloud.

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