eBay DOWN: Public sale web page doesn’t work with an embarrassing error message displayed

Apparently, if you are trying not to access eBay this morning, you are not alone. Hundreds of users complain that the popular auction site is offline and not working. Some fans of the service cannot access the website or app while others receive the error message “Well, that’s embarrassing. We’re sorry, this page is not loading right now. Please try again later.”

It seems that most of the problems affect sellers trying to access and display their listings.

The independent tracking website DownDetector, which monitors mentions on social media to keep track of when web services are offline, indicates that the outage is currently affecting hundreds of eBay users. In fact, at the time of writing, there are around 900 complaints that users are unable to access the website.

Users have now gone to DownDector’s forum page to complain about the gremlins that are preventing some from selling their products.

One frustrated eBay seller said, “Certain issues! My sell page for editing stock lists, etc. is currently unavailable. Hope they fix this for everyone concerned as more stocks need to be added.”

While another added, “Had a couple of items that ended this morning with multiple watchers and didn’t sell because no one can get online! Now I’ve lost the 80% discount on sales fees. Ridiculous!”

There is no word on what is causing the problems or when they will be fixed, despite one user saying that simply logging out of the account and logging back in will fix the problem.

In addition to the mentions of Down Detector, Twitter is also rife with complaints from sellers facing similar issues.

A tweet said: @eBay went down and I have posts that end with lots of watchers! I think they’ll all go unsold now?

Another added: “I added tracking numbers to multiple packages when the page got weird. Now none of my unsold or unsold items are visible.


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