Each element about Grace’s coats on undo, straight from the costume designer

The undo I always long for more than one episode every Sunday – and not just because I really need to know who the hell killed Elena Alves. Grace Fraser’s wardrobe, in which predominantly lavish winter coats are so long that they seem to hide deep, dark secrets as she scurries across various zebra crossings on the Upper East Side, quickly fascinated me. (If you watch the HBO series you know how often those zebra crossings happen.) We meet Grace, who was portrayed by Nicole Kidman and who wears one of those coats in the first episode. Once I saw the luscious red number, I needed to know every detail about the character’s enviable outerwear collection, so I went straight to the source and had a chat The undoCostume designer Signe Sejlund.

“I wanted her to be able to walk around New York and stand out and fit in at the same time.”

Signe from Copenhagen told me that her vision for Grace’s style depended on two somewhat conflicting ideas. “I wanted her to be able to walk around New York and stand out and blend in at the same time,” she said. The latter is certainly more ideal for someone involved in a gruesome murder case like Grace.

Signe decided to attribute her distinctive, ’70s-inspired bohemian style to Grace because it was “completely new” to fans to see Nicole on screen. In contrast to Celeste Wright’s neutral ensembles Big little liesGrace twists through a handful of luscious, jewel-colored coats purposefully chosen to complement her bouncy red hair and light skin tone. The rich jewel tones are also intended to remind the viewer of Grace’s disposition. “The colors are warm and it tells you that she is a warm person compared to Franklin. [who wears] more gray and blue, so [his wardrobe has a] colder tone, “explained the Danish costume designer, referring to Grace’s father.

Signe also thought a lot about the curved length of Grace’s coats before hand selecting each one. “When you do a show like this, it has to be pretty cinematic. And I think you get that from a coat that has so much volume and length,” she said. Seeing Nicole is quite tall – 5’11 “to be precise – to make those wardrobe moments visually dramatic meant adding a few pieces longer and even redesigning Grace’s famous green coat from scratch.

Curious to know more details about Grace’s coats The undoincluding how much does this green hood number weigh? Read on for the inside information on each one.

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