Docs and socks are the outfit I can all the time consider – everybody wears it

It’s really just another day that we see a casual 90s trend on the rise. The latest in our range is just very, very easy to wear. Think of this as the classic grunge foundation of your look – pull off your Dr. Martens brogues, style them with socks (to be seen!) And complete them with outfit essentials that match your style. Whether tightly cuffed jeans à la Hailey Bieber or a ladylike pleated skirt like model and influencer Imani Randolph – you can play with this combination. In other words, you don’t always have to wear your Docs in straight leg pants. In fact, someone like The Weeknd shows us how creepers can even be spiced up for an event. Check out some of our inspirations ahead of time for recreating this look at home and shop for some pieces to add to your wardrobe in case you’re missing out on the Docs and Socks department.

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