Do you utilize google maps? The iPhone warning will make you need to delete it for good

Google Maps users should consider removing this popular app from their iPhones immediately. At least that’s the advice in a new report from cybersecurity expert Zak Doffman, who revealed exactly what data Google Maps collects from its millions of users in an article on Forbes.

Apple recently announced new rules that now make it easy for iPhone users to check what information apps like Google Maps collect on their devices after they are installed, and it makes for a pretty terrifying read. Every app listed in the App Store must disclose how much data it collects, what is used for advertising, what is shared with the developers and more.

As Doffman explains, Google Maps has the ability to track data like location, contacts, data usage and even browsing history.

That might not come as a big surprise, but what’s more terrifying is that Google Maps says that this data can be linked to a personal identity. That means that this app has the functionality to create a pretty good profile for its users.

In a statement sent to Forbes, Google said, “Google Maps was designed to protect your information. We provide controls to easily manage your settings and use industry leading technologies like Differential Privacy to protect your information. We continue to make Google Maps the best and most accurate way to navigate and explore the world – with extensive local business information, world-class search and navigation and helpful features like the COVID layer and live business information. “

Another useful feature of Maps is a three-dimensional city driving experience. This bird’s eye view provides a much clearer picture of the road ahead and is designed to help ensure you never miss a turn or intersection on the freeway.

If you’d rather get on the bus than your car, Apple is improving its public transit directions with maps that now show you when your stop is approaching and when to get off.

Additional features include an improved world map view that now shows the earth as a globe instead of a flat, one-dimensional image.

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