Do you personal a Galaxy Watch? Samsung simply launched an important replace

Rumor has it that Samsung is only a few months away from unveiling its next-generation Galaxy Watch. However, that doesn’t mean the South Korean company has turned its eyes off the ball for current smartwatch owners. The Seoul-based company has a reputation for keeping older models updated with performance improvements and – mostly – brand new features. In fact, we’ve often wondered if the company is trying to discourage Galaxy Watch owners from raising the money for a newer model, as so many shiny new tricks are eventually finding their way to older hardware.

With the latest software update, Samsung is focusing on the basics. The company has begun rolling out a new operating system update for the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3, known as the R80xXXU1FUD1 and R84xXXU1BUD1, respectively. The lowercase x in this software build number varies by region and is based on the model number of your wrist worn gadget. So don’t worry if it doesn’t exactly match what you see on the screen.

These updates are designed to improve Wi-Fi connectivity with these smartwatches.

According to the notes filed alongside the new software, Samsung hopes the update will improve reliability and stability.

For those who don’t know, while the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth when both devices are in close proximity, Wi-Fi is used when they are slightly out of range. This means that even if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is charging on top of your bedside table, you can still receive text messages, emails and other important notifications on your wrist downstairs or even in the garden.

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If you’ve lost your WiFi signal in the past and couldn’t see an important call or missed a text message that required a quick response, this can be an important update.

According to Samsung, the new update will also improve messaging performance. It is unclear what issues are affecting messaging and how this update aims to resolve them.

If you own a Galaxy Watch or Watch 3 smartwatch and want to improve Wi-Fi and messaging performance, the update is now available. Updates for the Smartwatch series are handled through the Galaxy Wearable app. You must have at least 15 percent charge in your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch 3 before the update can start.

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