Do you miss textual content messages? iPhone customers complain about irritating glitches in iOS 14

A growing number of iPhone owners have complained about missing text notifications after upgrading to iOS 14. The problem appears to affect both SMS messages sent over a cellular network and iMessages sent over a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

While the text or iMessage arrives safely and reliably, your iPhone won’t tell you anything about it. Likewise, some iPhone owners have complained that WhatsApp messages and calls were never marked with a notification or ping on the lock screen either! with a ringtone as usual.

Granted, that’s not as bad as the missing text message. However, missing an important iMessage can be quite frustrating, especially when a timely response is required. Some iPhone owners have complained that the tell-tale red notification on the Messages app icon logo, which is typically used to mark an unread message, is also missing.

The Apple-centric blog MacRumours reported on this issue after the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lines were launched in October. However, it seems that the problem is not related to the new smartphones but to iOS 14. A number of people with older iPhone models have since complained about the same problem, suggesting it is linked to iOS 14 instead.

A number of iPhone owners have taken to social media to complain about the lack of notification quirk.

One user said, “Hey @Apple, can you fix your damn software for iPhone? I’m not fed up with not receiving notifications when I receive texts and miss important messages. “

“Somebody else’s iPhone doesn’t notify you of text messages? Since the last iOS update, my phone stopped notifying me of a new text message and I still miss messages. It’s frustrating, ”shared another Twitter user.

Additionally, a post in the Apple Discussions forum on “iOS 14 Text Notification Issues” now has 49 pages of replies from other iPhone owners who are experiencing the same issues.

An Apple user wrote in this extensive forum thread: “I use the iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 14.2. I’m not getting notifications for WhatsApp calls and messages. WhatsApp messages will notify me at least after a while, but I miss WhatsApp calls overall. I’ve checked all the notification settings on my iPhone and WhatsApp and everything is correct. I completely reset the iPhone twice but still the same problem. “

Apple started rolling out the latest version of iOS 14, known as iOS 14.3, to iPhone owners this week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have fixed the missing notifications, as suggested by early reports from those affected. We didn’t experience these issues on iOS 14, so we couldn’t determine if iOS 14.3 included the update.

iOS 14.3 adds Fitness + to your iPhone, the latest subscription service from the Californian company that offers recorded fitness classes in a variety of disciplines. Apple Watch owners can see live statistics from their wearable alongside the video. The latest version of iOS also adds support for the ProRAW format on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, giving smartphones more freedom to edit pictures without losing quality.

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