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Grid diffusion

In this rarer treatment, corundum is heated alongside another material such as beryllium or titanium. Basically, the heat causes the corundum lattice to expand and the beryllium or titanium atoms to fill the spaces. Once the stone has cooled, it lets the light through differently and the color is changed or intensified.

Sapphires diffused with beryllium are pink, orange, or yellow, and stones diffused with titanium turn light blue. Lattice diffusion treated sapphires typically cost less than heat treated sapphires because more processing is required.

The grid diffusion must be communicated to the buyer prior to purchase.

Sapphire symbolism

We can all agree that sapphires are fascinatingly beautiful, but what about their metaphysical meaning? Each color has its own energy:

Blue sapphire helps you shed light on the deepest and highest truth and gives you the confidence and clarity to express it.

Green sapphire inspires new levels of understanding and compassion for others and deepens the connections in your life.

Pink sapphire brings the wisdom of acceptance, forgiveness and deliverance. It helps us to accept and let go of the past and free us from past emotions and stories.

White sapphire gives us the strength to overcome obstacles in our life. It is the gift of clarity, greater intelligence, to guide us through difficult times.

Purple sapphire brings the deepest kind of wisdom – it helps us see our oneness with everyone else and gives us the peace that comes with connection.

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