Did Dyson hit his match? The brand new cordless Halo capsule guarantees the efficiency of a corded vacuum cleaner

The competition for the best cordless vacuum cleaner is heating up. After introducing the Lupe Pure Cordless, designed by two former Dyson engineers, and a new laser-controlled model of the giant vacuum brand they used to work for, Halo Capsule, a new player, has come out with some pretty high demands at.

Like the Lupe Pure Cordless before, the Halo Capsule promises to impress with a cordless design … without sacrificing performance or capacity that you could previously only achieve with an old-fashioned wired model.

According to Capsule, which has design and development teams in Motorsport Valley, UK, their new Halo vacuum cleaner has almost five times the capacity of other cordless vacuums. In total, you need to fill 1.6 liters of dust, dirt, and other nasty things before turning off the engine and deflating the vacuum in the canister. For comparison: the laser-controlled Dyson V15 only has a capacity of 0.76 liters, although Dyson sells a special Dyson V11 Outsize to serve those who want as few trips to the garbage can as possible during a deep cleaning. The latter has a 1.7 liter container. Lupe Pure Cordless has a 1 liter container.

Until now, most brands have limited the size of the dust bin to keep the overall size of the cordless vacuum cleaner down and to make sure it isn’t too heavy to lug around cleaning your home. Halo Capsule hopes to avoid all of these by using carbon fiber for the body.

At 2.6 kg, the new model is lighter than the latest and greatest from Dyson (the V15 Detect Absolute weighs 3 kg) and Lupe Pure Cordless (a hefty 4.6 kg). You’d think that the lightweight design (and enormous dust bin) would mean Halo Capsule had to make some compromises when it came to grunting the motor.

However, Capsule doesn’t seem to think it is. The British company has made some high demands on the performance of its digital engine. According to Capsule, the Halo can run for up to 60 minutes, enough to “keep carpets and hard floors spotlessly clean”.

Halo Capsule also uses paper dust bags to lock away the debris and offers excellent levels of filtration through its highly efficient filters that filter approximately 99.95 percent of particles down to 0.5 microns. According to the company, the dust bags allow for convenient and neat cleaning of dirt, so your days of being covered in dust when emptying your vacuum cleaner are over. Better still, Halo Capsule dust bags are made from natural materials and are compostable, so you can stay clean while staying green.

At £ 370.95, the Halo capsule is cheaper than the Dyson and Lupe Pure Cordless.

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