Deep Dive with prime jewellery designer Emily Gill: All about her artistic course of

Do you design differently for Gem Breakfast than for your own website?

At first I designed my own website more conservatively. Catherine (Gem Breakfast Founder) told me from the start that her goal is to free us! She knows that as aspiring designers, we often receive requests for all kinds of work that has nothing to do with our aesthetics.

She wants us to have creative freedom – to let people come to us and say, “I only want what you create. I love your vision It inspired me to take more risk on the design and now I am creating show stoppers for my and their website without worrying if the investment will pay off or if someone will fall in love with it.

How long does it usually take to design a ring?

Each ring takes about 40 hours of work. First I sketch and design, then I send it to a CAD designer, which can take one to five hours. Then the ring is 3D printed, cast in gold, polished and enameled. Lastly, the gem setting, which is a long and arduous task – my gem setters could spend an hour setting a solitaire or a full day finishing a Georgia ring.

I don’t like to rush, I take my time to let my creativity run free and to achieve the most flawless finish possible.

You use enamel a lot – what exactly is enamel and how does the process work?

The enamel I use is called “glass enamel” and comes from the French word for glass. It’s available in lead-free and powdered form – it looks almost like sugar, except in hundreds of different colors.

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