December giveaway: intelligent yoga mat and towel

We teamed up with our friends at Clever Yoga to win this month’s yoga competition prize. For the month of December, a YogaBasics reader has the chance to win a LiquidBalance yoga mat and a silicone grip yoga towel!

About Clever Yoga:

Clever Yoga is a small, women-owned company based in Tampa, FL. Whether you are at the beginning of your yoga journey or have been practicing for years; Whether you are a teacher, a student, or both, the focus is on helping yogis so that you can benefit as much from your practice as possible. Please take a moment to visit the website to view the full range of clothing, yoga mats, and yoga props on offer.

About the price:

The LiquidBalance yoga mat offers unbeatable non-slip performance. Never worry about slipping in your poses again and enjoy the opportunity to focus only on your practice. The master grip and the water-absorbing top layer pad support your asanas and at the same time maintain a firm connection to the floor, so that you feel comfortable and safe throughout your practice.

The silicone towel from Clever Yoga is the most innovative and unique yoga towel on the market. The double-sided silicone design provides an amazing two-sided grip that you can practice and hold on to your mat or floor. Lightweight and portable, so easy to take to any class and then easy to wash when you get home.

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