Danessa Myricks Romance, Titan, Wunderland Colorfix Metallic Evaluations & Swatches

Formula overview

$ 18.00 / 0.34 oz. – – $ 52.94 per ounce

The formula is a cream product that is said to be “highly pigmented”, “smudge-proof”, “waterproof” and “quick drying”. These are multi-purpose products that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks (Note: The film finish contains plastic or PET glitter that is technically not classified as eye-safe by the FDA.

The main takeaway from this formula is that it really means “quick drying” – it’s both an advantage and a disadvantage, but you need to be quick and efficient when using this product on any skin that it may be spread and want to distribute or hide edges. While the brand is consumer friendly, this product is particularly preferred by makeup artists, and I felt there was a learning curve with them.

Some shades dry a little faster than others, and once dried, as marketed, they are pretty smudge-proof so they don’t want to be moved. Attempts to fade them out after they set often resulted in the product lifting off the skin. They’re usually quite pigmented too, so caution should be exercised when applying them to the cheeks for the first time. I found that some of the more sparkling shades were sharper.

The consistency was thin, light, and a more fluid cream, which meant it was easy to squeeze more product out of the tube than desired for the uninitiated. After a few uses, I was able to adjust the pressure I needed to squeeze the product out and consistently get what I needed from there.


Depending on the intensity of the shade relative to your skin tone and whether you want a sharper or more opaque end result, fingertips or synthetic brushes are the main tools. I found that I often preferred to put a small product on the back of my hand and then use either my fingertips (for a more extensive application) or a brush (for a more precise or opaque application). For the sake of precision and ease of use (since my fingertips are a bit big compared to my eye size), I liked fluffy synthetic brushes to even out the edges or to hide the product.

In particular, some of the foil colors were a bit thicker and stickier when applied, and I couldn’t always maneuver them evenly. They seemed to work better as an accent, like on the inner tear duct or in the center of the lid.

Most of the colors were very pigmented, fairly mixable, and long-lasting, while most of the colors lasted 10 hours without fading, wrinkling, or peeling. I felt like my eyelids got a little drier after wearing several of these sunglasses for several days in a row.


They were applied to the lips much better than I expected as I often find multipurpose products to work well on one or two areas, but rarely on all. The product is easy to apply with a fingertip or lip brush, although I liked to use a fingertip for speed reasons. Most of the colors were applied evenly, didn’t accentuate my lip texture / lip lines, and were comfortable to wear.

The drying out was noticeable, but the product had a slight stickiness, although I had no problem lifting the paint. Although the liquid lipstick was on the dry side, it still felt lighter and was flexible, which made it more comfortable to wear. I didn’t see any marks on my glass, and they held up easily through a cup of coffee. Most of the sunglasses seemed to wear me for six hours or more.

The more sparkling shades with lower coverage tended to be the least even and felt stickier. When I pressed my lips together and rubbed, a product seemed to move a little.


Since applying the cheeks is more sheer than complete, it took a bit of getting used to applying the more pigmented shades to the cheeks, as you have to work quickly and start with a lot less than you need. I preferred to use my fingertips as a blush or highlighter to apply the products as the heat gave me a little longer work time, but it was also more forgiving and easier to fade out / disperse quickly.

The time it was worn on the cheeks was comparable to that of the eyes (approx. 10 hours of good wearing time).

Editor’s note: I don’t know why I didn’t make this connection before (at one point I realized they would be used multiple times) as I bought these as off-white eye shadows for review. If I had to go back and do swatches of swatches on cheeks and lips for each shade, I might never check them (based on the volume of other products I have in queue) so I tested each shade for application, pigmentation, longevity, etc. You will only find one skin sample for all three purposes.

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Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isononylisonsonanat, C30-45-Alkylmethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Calcium Sodiumborosilicate, Silver, Silicondioxid, Cyclopentasiloxan (and) Disteardimonium Hectorit (and) Propylencarbonat, Dimethicone, Eisenoxid, CI77491, CI77491, Ultramarine CI77491

Disclaimer: Ingredient lists are available from the brand (or distributor) at the time of publication. Please always check the product packaging, if any, on the ingredients list for the product you are purchasing or on the brand or retailer’s website for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

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