Consolation meets class: Questloves gold crocodiles had a * second * on the 2021 Oscars

In a moment of real pandemic comfort, Questlove, also known as the official 2021 Oscars DJ, stepped onto the red carpet in a matte black blazer, button-down shirt, and matching pants that sported nothing but a pair of glittering gold crocs (Nov. U.S. dollar) . While Questlove fired an airhorn and queued hits like “Purple Rain” by Prince and “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton, he was sitting in one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes known – and at the same time offered an impressive game.

Questlove, who debuted the trailer for his new documentary, Summer of the soulDuring the awards show, he may not have taken the traditional award season route, but he wasn’t the only celebrity who placed more emphasis on comfort than class on Sundays. Take a moment to appreciate his laid back Oscar look here.

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