Consideration three and EE! Vodafone unveils a less expensive method to purchase your subsequent iPhone

Vodafone thinks it has found the perfect solution for buying your next smartphone. The UK network just announced the launch of its new EVO plans, which offer a range of features that competitors like EE and Three cannot. Vodafone says EVO “sets a new benchmark in flexibility and value for customers” as new customers are able to choose exactly how they want to pay for their shiny new iPhone or Android device.

EVO basically allows you to trade in an old phone to cut upfront costs, and then you can put as much cash as you want to cut monthly payments even further. The remaining amount can then be paid over 12 to 36 months, whereby Vodafone does not charge any interest on the amount owed by you.

The network says customers with deals starting at 2GB can choose how much data they need each month. Unlimited options will also be available. In addition to this cheaper option of buying a new phone, EVO offers other advantages, including the option of switching to a new smartphone before the end of the contract.

These flexible upgrades mean that you are not tied to the device for the entire term of the contract, and after 12 months it is possible to trade things in and use the value of the current device for amortization.

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Commenting on the launch, Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said: “In 2019 we shook the market with 5G at no additional cost and unlimited data plans. Now we are changing the market again. With so many people on a tight budget, we’re introducing a whole new way to buy smartphones, all about making sure our customers are in control and getting the best possible value.

“The new Vodafone EVO enables customers to get the smartphone they want at the price they choose. We set new standards in terms of flexibility and combine the advantages of device contracts of up to three years, a market-leading trade-in service and the option of a one-year upgrade.

“We give the customer the say – we give them unbeatable flexibility and value, but they don’t have to compromise on quality, with a great network, a great loyalty program and great service.”

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