Consideration, Samsung and Sony! Sky desires to interchange your 4K TV in a number of days

It looks like it’s going to be an incredibly exciting week for Sky TV fans. The satellite company will hold a media event teased under the slogan “Something Magical Is Coming” on October 7th, which is widely expected to announce a range of new hardware. previously announced that it is testing a new pre-launch set-top box in the UK that will trade the satellite dish for a fast broadband connection, but sources have also described a new 4K television developed by Sky that will set to debut this week as well.

This wouldn’t be the first time Sky has experimented with hardware beyond its set-top box. Back in 2018, the company announced the Sky Soundbox, which was developed in collaboration with the French high-end audio brand Devialet to improve the sound quality when watching movies and sports on Sky Q. The chunky soundbar was sold to Sky Q subscribers at a discounted price and could be controlled with the same Sky Q voice remote that is used for the set-top box.

According to sources in conversation with Internet-centric blog ISPreview, Sky’s R&D teams have something much, much more ambitious in store for this week. The satellite company is expected to introduce a line of QLED TV products called Sky Glass. Unlike competing TVs from Samsung, Sony, and Hisense, Sky Glass comes with all the Smarts that are designed to stream Sky TV channels, watch on-demand box sets and blockbusters from Sky Cinema, and watch Sky Sports sharp 4K HDR are required.

As with the rumored new set-top box believed to be based on the hardware already revealed last month by Sky’s U.S. parent company Comcast, viewers don’t have to rely on a satellite dish drilled into the wall, to see the latest live channels and content on demand. Instead, Sky Glass comes with a new device called a “puck” that allows viewers to stream the Sky Q experience. If you don’t want to tune in – or have a contract with Virgin Media – you can probably leave the “puck” unplugged.

Sources speaking with announced that Sky requires a minimum broadband speed of 6Mbps to stream its terrestrial channels. For comparison, Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbit / s in order to watch in high definition picture quality.

It doesn’t look like the Sky Soundbox will be bundled with the new QLED TV. Instead, these panels come with an integrated Dolby Atmos soundbar in the design. Leaked images reveal a sizable chin beneath the vivid display that houses the speaker. Sky Q supports Dolby Atmos, so it makes sense for Sky to choose this ultimate audio standard when developing their own TVs.

In terms of size, sources speaking to ISPreview claim that Sky Glass will be available in 43-, 55-, and 65-inch display sizes. Pricing remains unclear, but some sources have suggested the 43-inch model will start at around £ 650. For comparison, Samsung is selling its 43-inch QLED TV – which has 4K and HDR support, but no sound system included – for £ 629. If the reports are correct, it suggests that Sky compares to its competitors no premium is charged.

That would make sense. After all, most 4K Smart TVs come with a number of content providers pre-installed. Samsung TVs offer a wide range of free advertising-supported content through the Samsung TV Plus service, as well as applications for Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV + and many more. The Roku-branded televisions incorporate the same technology that powers its hugely popular streaming dongles, including its own free-to-air Roku channel and Sky’s no-contract NOW service.

It is possible that Sky Glass will be sold as a premium QLED TV that happens to have the smarts to sign up for a Sky Q-like experience over your broadband. For those looking to switch to a new TV – and tempted to catch up on some of the exclusive shows, channels, and sporting events only available on Sky – this could be a brilliant option.

As with Sky Q, you can pause a recorded show on one screen and record it in another room using Sky Glass or another Sky branded set-top box. Recordings can be downloaded and taken with you via the Sky Go app on tablets, iPhone and Android.

It is unclear whether Sky Glass and the new set-top box will replace Sky Q’s existing set-top box for streaming only. Either way, it won’t take long. will be in the audience during the Sky-hosted “Something Magical” event.

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