Congratulations to Billie Eilish on being the youngest particular person to obtain the PETA award


PETA named Billie Eilish Person of the Year 2021 in recognition of her commitment to animal welfare and activism in the fashion industry. She is the youngest person to receive the annual award; previous winners include Joaquin Phoenix, Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey and Anjelica Huston.

“It makes people listen – and not just to their music,” said the company in an official statement. Among the many reasons given, PETA mentioned the singer’s powerful night at the MET Gala, where she appeared in a floor-length Oscar de La Renta dress (after convincing the team to stop using fur) and her role as co. of the event used the chair to influence the menu (they only served vegan meals). This won’t come as a surprise given the Grammy winner’s unwavering commitment to a vegan lifestyle.

In addition, her passion for sustainable fashion manifested itself when the Grammy winner partnered with Nike this year to launch an Air Jordan shoe collection that featured sneakers made from 100% vegan leather with over 20% recycled material. The subsequent release of their first perfume maintained the same ethical standards as it was made without any animal ingredients and was not tested on animals.

“Billie Eilish makes sure the party is over with meaty, milky meals, as well as leather, fur and silk,” continued PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “PETA is more excited than ever to celebrate her for taking every opportunity to point out that vegan fashion and food are kinder to animals and the planet we share with them.”

Congratulate the 19-year-old star with us!

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