ColourPop Rumors Cheek Dew Serum Blush Assessment & Swatches

Formula overview

$ 7.00 / 0.48 oz. – – $ 14.58 per ounce

The formula is said to have a “buildable cover” with a “touch” of moisture that can be applied with fingertips, a sponge, or a duo-fiber brush. It is recommended to apply them before powder products. I struggled to apply the formula, trying to use fingertips, sponges, and various brushes over both the primer and under the primer, over the bare skin, and even over the powder (which is the opposite of what they do say!).

To me, the problem seemed to be that there was way too much slip in the product. Instead of applying and fading out, the color was simply pushed around. It had the worst of application when I used fingertips to apply, which I would apply by tapping and squeezing the paint (gently!) On my cheeks and using the edge of my fingertip to soften it. This is my method with cream-based cheek paints, and it usually works, but I couldn’t get the color to stay and place.

I tried using a sponge but the sponge seemed to absorb a lot of the paint making it difficult to pull a noticeable covering out of it. I found a dab brush that worked better and flicked the brush gently against my cheeks to deposit color, waited 10 seconds, then tried to evenly distribute and even out the color. This worked a little and sometimes, but unfortunately not always, and when it didn’t, there was almost no color visible.

Since it seemed overly pliable for most of my application attempts, I pushed the product out on the back of my hand so I could swirl or pick it up as it was a little dried out, but that didn’t help much! The “best” method I found was to gently dab the product on my cheeks with your fingertips, let it sit for five to 10 seconds, then use a synthetic brush to soften the edges with the gentlest touch and each Only edit area once and then Leave it alone and accept whatever the outcome.

It didn’t play well with the various base products I tried – a mix of liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers, both solid and unset – as it tended to push them around or lift them up. They were better off bare skin, but they were a real challenge to work with. In my experience, they weren’t buildable either, as this caused the first layer to move and lift off the main area, leaving a raised product edge.

The consistency was very runny to the point where it felt runny; it would slide over the back of my hand using gravity and do so quickly. It took a while to dry and it was a bit flexible with light dew in the finish, but it wasn’t sticky. They lasted about six hours before visibly fading.

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