ColourPop Coastal Drive Blush Stix Overview & Swatches

Coastal drive

ColourPop Coastal Drive Blush Stix ($ 8.00 for 0.33 oz.) Is medium in size, reddish brown with moderate, warm undertones and a natural, moister finish. It was moderately pliable, which gave it noticeable slippage and made the product more prone to stand out from its semi-transparent cover.

It was designed to be a buildable formula, and it was somewhat buildable; I felt that a pure application was the fastest to be achieved and a second layer gave a semi-transparent coverage while a third layer gave a medium, but it was higher than the medium and felt like overuse of the product. The product was applied evenly and smoothly to bare skin, as well as base products, as it did not tend to lift them up. It didn’t dry out completely, but didn’t feel sticky to the touch or slip around while wearing, so the moister finish remained visible throughout the period of wear and tear. This shadow lasted a good eight hours before it visibly faded on me.

MORE READING: Formula overview for details on general performance and properties (such as fragrance).

  • MAC Peachtwist (P, $ 24.00) is shimmery and warmer (90% similar).
  • Patrick Ta She is so LA (Cream) (PiP,) is warmer (90% similar).
  • The MAC Pleasure Model (LE, $ 31.00) is shimmery and warmer (90% similar).
  • Chanel Burnt Coral (390) (LE, $ 45.00) is more shimmery, more pigmented, and warmer (90% similar).
  • Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Intense (P, $ 40.00) is shimmery, darker, and warmer (90% similar).
  • Cover FX Warm Honey (left) (PiP,) is less shimmering, more pigmented, warmer (90% similar).
  • Jouer Terracotta Sands (PiP) is more shimmery, more pigmented and warmer (85% similar).
  • ColourPop Beyond (P, $ 7.00) is less shimmery, darker, more pigmented (85% similar).
  • Kosas Contrachroma (High Intensity) (Blush) (PiP,) is less shimmering, more pigmented, less shiny (85% similar).
  • Tower 28 Power Hour (P, $ 20.00) is less shimmery, darker, and cooler (85% similar).

Formula overview

$ 8.00 / 0.33 oz. – – $ 24.24 per ounce

The formula is said to “blend easily” with a “natural, skin-like finish” that can be layered or applied to bare skin. The brand recommends applying the product straight from the tube for stronger coverage and using a paintbrush to pick up the product for less coverage, although the cover “easily creates paint to your heart’s content”. They dry out to a semi-hard finish – slightly damp, definitely “natural, skin-like” but not overly sticky or really wet looking. I haven’t noticed they hike or exercise a lot, so the formula will still last longer after seven to nine hours with minimal exercise. So far, they have also applied themselves well and carried well over the foundation. They are not transmission-safe, but transmission-resistant. They don’t smudge with an accidental touch, but they’re not completely locked.

The pigmentation varied a little from shade to shade, but most shades were semi-opaque to completely opaque when applied straight from the tube in a “swipe” motion, although I think it’s not that easy to do this to imitate on the cheeks as compared to my arm. I preferred to pick up the product on my fingertip, tap the cheek apple and diffuse it up and out, then use a clean fingertip to diffuse and soften the edges as needed. I appreciated that even the deeper shades didn’t seem to “sink” into my pores and were as easy to apply and fade out as very light, more my skin, but better (literally my skin!) Shades. I would describe the formula can be built from semi-transparent to medium in size, with the possibility of a semi-opaque cover, but there is enough slip in the formula that it starts to shimmer noticeably even with heavier use.

The consistency was slightly pliable, light and thin with good spreadability and movement; It didn’t lift basic products, but it still worked well over bare skin. I didn’t find it lifted or stained on the foundation over time, even after I set the foundation initially, but I would recommend (as with most cream-based cheek formulas!) Combining with one less. matte primer for optimal results (the damp finish plays well with a more skin-like base).

Oh, the caps have the names of the products, but the rest of the tube doesn’t. So if you’ve opened more than one, be sure to put the correct lid back on!

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