Clear Magnificence Goal: Vert Magnificence Haul

This post is sponsored by the Clean Beauty Boutique Vert Beauty, but all opinions are 100% mine. You know I keep it real with you guys!

Hello rabbits! If you haven’t heard from Vert Beauty, let me go ahead and get it on your radar. It’s a charming Denver-based boutique and online store selling clean and cruel beauty products. Vert Beauty was created by makeup artist Amanda Hume and was born out of her love for making people look and feel beautiful.

The online store has many clean skin care and makeup brands that you know and love, such as Aether Beauty, Herbivore Botanicals, Indie Lee, Kosas, Tata Harper, and Vintner’s Daughter.

Grow to glow

Vert Beauty also has a reward points program called Grow to Glow that can save you up to $ 100. Today they give 200 points for new registrations! You are well on your way to earning your first $ 10 discount. Here you can sign up.

I’ve tried some cruelty-free beauty products from Vert Beauty and I’ve definitely found some winners! I loved this:

Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

Let me be very honest here. I thought the “pink acne drying lotion” was an old school thing. I tried the Mario Badescu version many years ago and can’t remember being very lucky with it. I’ve broken out like CRAZY lately and decided to try the Indie Lee dry lotion. I am so glad I did!

It’s similar to the Mario Badescu you might have tried (both contain camphor, zinc oxide, sulfur, and salicylic acid), but the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion is calamine-free and talc-free. It also has magnesium and clay in the mix.

All I can say is that this stuff REALLY worked as a nighttime treatment for my oily spots and acne. It’s great (and probably mostly intended for acne) that is about to break out and has gotten pretty close to the surface of the skin. It also seemed to soothe some of my deeper, underground pimples, and some of them actually went away and never turned into massive monsters on my face!

It is obviously intended to dry the skin so should only be used as a spot treatment. And if you notice too much drying, back off on how often you use it. Make sure you don’t shake it up. Leave it on your counter and you’ll find the ingredients separate – that’s what you want! Dip a Q-tip in the pink part of the product and dab it on your skin. Leave it on overnight or at least two hours so it can do its thing.

ILIA Color Haze multi-purpose pigment

I’m so over these complicated, precise, or awkward makeup trends! Give me easy-to-wear, multitasking products every day of the week. ILIA Color Haze multipurpose pigment is easy to wear and perfect for cheeks and lips.

It contains coconut oil, which may not be great for acne-prone skin like mine. Hence, I mainly use it on my lips. But it’s simple and buildable and I can apply it with my fingertip. No lip liner is required and while it has a matte finish, it’s super moisturizing so my lips don’t get cracked and dry.

I have yellow undertones, so I love warm, red-orange shades of lipstick. The color I chose, called the Stutter, is beautiful – just so simple that it looks like a natural red when you put it on – and not like a clown orange. There are some other colors that I really want to try next, like Temptation (coral pink) and Waking Up (warm nude).

Milk + honey eucalyptus lavender body cream

This is my second bottle of milk + honey body cream. I bought it a while ago because I love the look of the pharmacy bottle (and I love that it comes with a pump).

This time I got the eucalyptus lavender scent and I think it’s my favorite! It smells so calming and fun. I put it on my hands and arms just before bedtime and it’s just wonderful.

It’s not greasy at all, but just heavy enough to be moisturized. There are some very scented creams that actually feel like they are draining moisture from my skin. This is NOT that type of cream! It’s made from natural ingredients – not artificial perfumes. It contains organic aloe juice, shea butter, and coconut oil to help moisturize dry skin.

This is a little pricey in my opinion ($ 38) but it’s a luxury that I keep by my bed and only use at night so it will last a long time. I love the look of the bottle on my bedside table and I love that the ingredients are good for my body.

Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control

Last but not least, I tried Vert Beauty’s Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control. I had heard of the brand but had never tried anything. There aren’t that many natural hair care brands out there that steer clear of heavy fragrances and other additives, which really appealed to me.

The Innersense Curl Control is filled with organic, plant-based ingredients. It has a nice natural, slightly earthy scent. It hydrates without weighing my hair down. There are some products that I just apply to the ends of my hair, but I can use them anywhere.

I wasn’t sure this would hold like a cream gel, but it seems like it wasn’t (not much, if at all). I still have to use gel to keep my hair curly. However, my hair is wavy so this can be all that is needed for someone with tighter curls. I am intrigued and I definitely want to try more products from this brand!

If you want to try something that Vert Beauty has with it, I definitely recommend signing up today (even if you don’t buy anything) so you can get those extra points! You can save up to $ 100 with Vert Beauty’s reward points program, Grow to Glow. Today they give 200 points for new registrations! Here you can sign up. They’ll be doing a special promotion in June too – I’ll share more information on that soon.

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