Classic Chanel French Couture Jewellery & Equipment

Chanel reproduced designs inspired by 16th century and Renaissance paintings. Their standards for outcome were high; The stones had to be bold, the intricate Byzantine patterns had to be sharp, and the jewelry had to look freshly excavated. Chanel often combined natural and imitation stones in one piece. Natural and imitation pearls are often found in the same necklace, ring, or brooch. Gripoix made them in a sublime way so that it is impossible to tell the real thing from the fake.

Vintage pieces are more wanted than ever by the younger generation, especially the 90s collections. Pieces from this period demand high prices due to their rarity and collectability.

Below are some couture items.

Chanel Couture Goossens quartz pendant necklace in the Byzantine style

Chanel Couture 1970s Maison Gripoix pearl necklace

Chanel Couture Gripoix pearl necklace

CHANEL 1993 Couture Goossens Byzantine Style Quartz Cross Pendant Necklace

CHANEL Couture Goossens Byzantine Style Quartz Cross Pendant Necklace

Chanel Couture Maison Gripoix pearl necklace

Chanel Couture Maison Gripoix Pearl Necklace

Vintage Chanel Paris Gripoix glass cuff bracelet


Runway Chanel gold and silver plated chain Necklace from the spring 1993 collection

Runway Chanel Chain Necklace

Chanel turquoise green quilted leather CC diaper bag


We hope you enjoyed our presentation. You can find more unique Chanel items in our ever growing Chanel jewelry collection.

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