Chromecast with Google TV will get the one performance it ought to have at startup

Chromecast with Google TV will soon have a new feature that fans have been calling for months. When Chromecast launched with Google TV late last year, there was a new Google TV user interface designed to serve more personal content to a user. Despite this bespoke approach, however, one glaring thing was missing from the new Chromecast’s résumé: multi-user logins.

Given that the updated Google TV UI was supposed to offer a more personalized experience, this seemed like an odd omission.

Many households have more than one person using a streaming stick. Other people’s viewing habits can affect the recommendations the new Chromecast makes.

This could mean the primary user of a shiny new Chromecast with Google TV is finding content on the For You tab that they’re not interested in.

However, there is another problem with the lack of multi-user logins. This applies to Chromecast with Google TV users who have a family.

Parents don’t want Peppa Pig to show up on their recommendations when they tune in to the Chromecast to relax after a busy day.

And vice versa, you don’t want your little ones to catch up on the last Game of Thrones episode that you tuned in to when they grabbed the Chromecast remote (little Timmy really shouldn’t see that Red Wedding scene).

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Fortunately, Google will make progress in solving this problem by adding the new kids profiles.

As reported by Android Police, a Google employee has confirmed that work is in progress to add better parental controls to Chromecast with Google TV.

It does this in the form of child profiles which prevent your children from accessing adult content.

This feature is expected to be rolled out in the next month or so.

A Google representative said, “I just wanted to put out an update that Kids Profiles should roll out in the next month (or so).

“Restricted profiles are indeed out of date [Google TV] and replaced by the new Child Profiles feature that lets you set up a safe area for children on Google TV.

“During onboarding you can choose which apps should be made available to children. Youtube children are available by default, and other installed apps must be activated by parents before they are made available to the child. Exiting the child profile can be done by a PIN can be restricted to prevent this. ” Children who accidentally return to parenting account. “

While this is a welcome addition, it isn’t the full, multi-user login package that Chromecast users were hoping for.

Google previously said that working on multi-user sign-ins for Chromecast with Google TV is a priority.

When the new Chromecast hit the market last year, @GoogleNest told Twitter, “In terms of multiple user profiles on Chromecast with Google TV, not at this point, but it’s the most important thing for us.”

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