Chrome and Edge are making huge adjustments as the online browser battle intensifies

The battle of browsers is getting hotter, and both Google and Microsoft are making huge changes to their popular internet surfing software. First, there is some big news for those who are using Chrome with the world’s most widely used set of browsers to bring more updates to its billions of fans. Google announces that they will soon be rolling out a new rollout schedule, with changes, security fixes, and improved stability being made every month.

This dramatic change is aimed at making users more secure online and ensuring that the browser continues to perform at its best.

Announcing the changes on their blog, Google said, “For more than a decade, Chrome has released a new milestone every 6 weeks that brings security, stability, speed and simplicity to our users and the web. As we’ve improved our testing and publishing With processes for Chrome and the deployment of bi-weekly security updates to improve our patch vulnerability, it became clear that we could shorten our release cycle and deliver new features faster, so we’re excited to announce that Chrome is planning to switch to releasing one new milestone every 4 weeks, starting with Chrome 94 in the third quarter of 2021. “

Next, Microsoft’s Edge browser will be extensively updated, including the introduction of vertical tabs that are no longer displayed at the top but at the edge of the browser window.

This is to simplify the management and organization of tabs and to make it easier to switch between the tabs you need.

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Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President, spoke of vertical tabs: “I’ll admit, I’m a tab hunter. I want to have multiple tabs open at the same time so that the right information is always at hand. Work reports, metrics dashboards, marketing plans – all of this helps me keep track of my life and work, but at some point so many are open that it becomes difficult to find the tab I need. To make tabs easier to manage and organize vertical tabs are now Generally available this month. “

In addition to these tabs, there is also a more efficient way for users to quickly access and manage their history without losing the context of the page they are on. Now when you switch to History, it will open up as a light drop-down menu on the toolbar instead of opening the full page view in Settings.

Finally, there are improvements in speed thanks to what is known as the startup boost.

This maximizes the computer’s performance by significantly reducing the time it takes to open the browser after restarting the device or reopening the browser. Initial tests show that the start times improve from 29 to 41 percent with this function.

According to Microsoft, this new feature, which will be rolled out this month, will allow for faster browser launches after restarting your device and when restarting Microsoft Edge.

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