Chromat reveals swimwear for trans, nonbinary and queer individuals on a feel-good catwalk on the seashore

The bodywear label Chromat has been known for years for presenting inclusivity on the catwalk. Designer Becca McCharen-Tran counts curve model Denise Bidot, who opened the brand’s catwalk in spring 2015, and a pregnant Mela Murder, who danced down the catwalk in spring 2017, as two particularly memorable milestones. But the genderless line of all-red swimwear, which was designed for #ChromatBABES and includes Collective Opulence Celebrating Kindred, has provided a special feel-good moment this Fashion Week season. Chromat has teamed up with filmmaker and artist Tourmaline to help create the collection and host a party at LGBTQ + acclaimed The People’s Beach in Jacob Riis Park in Queens.

“People have been looking for places to be replenished with fellowship and looking for comfort and serenity on the beach.”

Swimwear includes skirts, monokinis, shorts and bottoms with soft wrap bags and matching bikini tops for girls who don’t have or don’t want breast support, transfemmes, non-binary people, and women and men everywhere. “Garments are inherently gender neutral because they are only objects. Garments have no gender,” Becca explained to POPSUGAR about her design approach. “It’s important that people realize that no color, fabric or style is gender specific,” she said, confirming that the new Serenita monokini from the line is her favorite.

Image source: Chromat / Jena Cumbo

In order to run the event, Chromat did all of the model casting digitally and informed everyone in advance of the inspiration behind the collection to ensure they were comfortable, not to hide, before being invited to a try. The location was chosen on the beach for a reason beyond the fact that they were all dressed in suits:

“We are all in a moment of great upheaval and are looking for new ways of being. During the pandemic, people have been looking for places to replenish themselves with community, seek solace and serenity on the beach, and find joy in nature. Tourmaline and I see this offer as an invitation to our community to bring their whole selves to a place where they can thrive, feel good in their bodies and enjoy the pleasure of the water, “said Becca. From the free spirited photos that you It’s about to be admired, it’s clear that everyone’s comfortable wearing Chromat. Read on to see each look that is stylish, thoughtful and versatile.

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