Chanel Louis Vuitton Gucci purses to enhance your wardrobe

The handbag

Handbags are an indispensable accessory for every woman’s wardrobe. A woman would never leave home without one. Functional and fashionable, the power of a bag cannot be denied. Even so, the options can at least be overwhelming. Designer styles and colors are endless and prices vary from moderate to very expensive. Handbags have proven to be a good investment and can be enjoyed while maintaining their value.

Highest quality

Every highly recognized brand takes great pride in the quality of their products. There are no shortcuts and a single bag can take 4 to 10 times longer to produce than an unbranded bag. For example, Chanel bags take up to 18 hours to produce and involve 15 different people from start to finish. The value of the bag is proportional to its quality, aesthetics and the image of the brand or a current position in the market. The biggest brands are considered leaders in terms of these properties. They constantly invest in innovation, the professional development of their staff and much more.

Handbags are versatile these days and the sheer range of styles to choose from can be confusing at times. There are many reasons why women prefer branded bags. The main reasons are aesthetics, high quality of the contraction and materials of the bag, which translates into unbeatable durability, a statement of one’s own taste and wealth and a higher return on investment, taking into account the life of the bag, as well as the relative ease of reselling branded bags compared to Non-branded bags.

For your consideration, we have put together a selection of our favorite handbags that you can choose from. We hope you find something that gives you as much pleasure as it did us.

Chanel CC quilted leather quilted bag by Mademoiselle

Louis Vuitton LV Mini Alma Bag


Gucci “Lady” Black Leopard Buckle Clutch Bag


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