Celebs and It Ladies have simply introduced again these 1950s vogue tendencies

While the style revival of the ’90s and early naughties is going strong right now, celebs are also showing a certain love for older styles – especially 1950s fashion trends. That’s true; The pieces that were popular over 60 years ago are just as relevant and classic today, and we have the proof.

From Bella Hadid’s cherry embroidered cardigan to Emily Ratajkowski’s cat-eye sunglasses to Hailey Bieber in a strapless top from S / S 2021 Saint Laurent – so we’ve got solid evidence that these vintage-inspired styles aren’t just one Airship in a rapid trend cycle. But there’s a good reason we keep looking back to the 50s for style inspiration: the fashion of the era is truly timeless and we don’t think it will ever go out of style. Would you like to see how taste makers today interpret the fashion trends of the 1950s? Read on to see what five styles celebrities and it-girls can’t get enough of.

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