Calling All Curvy Ladies: I discovered 24 of probably the most breathtaking swimsuits on the web

The bathing season is in full swing, which means that all of the string bikinis, sandals, and one-day beach getaways have your heart desires and you can handle SPF. Getting to the pool, beach, or wherever you want to go is the easy part, but shopping for the perfect suit is a little more complicated.

There are a variety of swimwear styles, but we all have different levels of comfort. Whether you’re into a barely-there, controversial bikini trend or you like it a little more humble, swimwear shopping turns out to be even harder when curves come into play. Let’s face it: many swimwear brands mistakenly design their suits with voluptuous bodies. So if you’re curvy like me, learn to watch carefully which brands are right for you. After doing some thorough research (aka some of my favorite curvy influencers) and doing a little swimwear shopping for myself, I found a collection of stunning swimsuits that are Hot Girl Summer (and Curvy Girl) approved. Trust me – you’ll want to get your hands on this.

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