Burglars be careful! New Google cameras make house safety simpler

Google’s Nest brand has kept an eye on the home for the past 10 years with a full line of WiFi-connected smart cameras, thermostats, and smoke alarms. And now the company has introduced a few novelties to its range that could be exactly what consumers have been waiting for.

Perhaps the most exciting of the new Nest gadgets is the new and improved Nest Doorbell, which sticks to your home and sends alerts when someone arrives at the front door. Nest fans will know the company is already selling its award-winning Hello doorbell, but that device requires hard-wired power, making it expensive and difficult to install yourself. Most vendors charge around £ 399 to buy one and put one on a front door, making the Nest Hello a pretty expensive option.

That changes with the new Nest Doorbell because it’s cheaper 180 € The device is fully battery operated, so anyone can easily charge it and stick it on the wall.

And don’t panic if the power adapter runs empty while you’re waiting for an Amazon delivery, as Google calculates that a charge will last a few months with normal use.

In addition to being easy to assemble, another benefit of this new camera is that Google offers three hours of free recording and online playback. That way, you clearly can’t see what happened on your ride overnight, but it’s way better than the Nest Hello, which has no way of seeing records without paying Google for the privilege.

If you want to keep an eye on things for more than three hours, you can still sign up for Nest Aware for 30 days of event video history (£ 5 a month) or a Nest Aware Plus subscription for 60 days of viewing (£ 10 a month) € per month).

Other nice features of the Nest doorbell include a more modern and sleek design, as well as four types of Smart Alerts, which means the camera detects whether it’s a person, a package being delivered, a cat walking by, or a vehicle arriving outside discovered.

Google also assumes that its new cameras have gotten smarter so they can send fewer false positives to the owner.

Of course, just like Nest Hello, the moment someone presses the button, a notification is sent directly to the account holder’s smartphone, and the device can also be connected to other Nest products such as the Nest Mini or Nest Hub for users to see can who is on their doorstep.

Along with the Nest Doorbell, Google is also launching a new battery-powered outdoor camera called the Nest Cam (battery). As the name suggests, this device can also be attached to the outside of your home without a cable. All the owner has to do is screw the magnetic dock with the camera onto the wall and then firmly click it into place until it needs to be removed to refill.

According to Google, this device is optimized for clearer vision in a wide variety of conditions, which means it should be perfect for the ever-changing UK weather.

It also offers 1080p video quality with night vision and HDR so you can see what’s in the picture in bright sunshine or in the middle of the night.

If the WiFi goes down or the power goes out, Nest Cam automatically saves up to an hour of recorded events in local storage so you won’t miss a thing.

If you’ve been waiting for these cameras, they’ll go on sale later this month. The Nest Cam (battery) is £ 179.99 and the Nest Doorbell is also £ 179.99.

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