BT says a BT strike might have “large results” on your private home broadband

The ramifications between the union and BT concern the telecommunications company’s plans to shut down sites across the country over the next few years to focus its activities on 30 locations. This is partly due to BT’s accelerated push towards fiber broadband and 5G networks.

“We did not choose this fight,” said Deputy Secretary General Andy Kerr.

“In fact, we have given management every possible opportunity to step back on the sidelines and consistently offered to work in partnership with the company to overcome the challenges ahead – as we have done several times in the decades since privatization.

“However, we are not prepared to accept that the members’ valued job security and the terms and conditions are attacked on several fronts. Long-term colleagues are selected one after the other, simply because a new generation of executives wants to leave their mark.” compulsory dismissals on grounds of the biased principle.

“If BT doesn’t want us to vote, they can have us back at the negotiating table as soon as possible. Our door is still open and we want to settle this dispute, but this will require a big change in the company’s mindset. At this point, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen – and that’s why we are preparing for the fight. “

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