BT gives FREE broadband for Black Friday so you may declare yours


Black Friday is still a week away, but BT has already revealed its much-anticipated deals. And it’s a real eye-catcher. The company offers customers the opportunity to activate themselves free broadband for 3 months when they sign up for one of its fiber optic plans. Yes, you read that right – it’s completely free. Join BT’s Fiber 100 plan today, which offers average download speeds of around 150 Mbps (roughly double the UK average) and you won’t be billed by the company until March 2021.

BT also offers free activation and free postage and packaging for all of its Black Friday deals. This is in stark contrast to competitor Virgin Media, which cut the cost of its fiber broadband by as much as £ 342 but is still charging £ 35 upfront for activation and postage. If you’re looking for the lowest possible bills by the New Year, there’s no competition between Virgin Media and BT on Black Friday sales this year – you won’t be spending a penny on the latter.

Unfortunately, at some point you will have to pay for your broadband connection. If you do, BT’s pricing won’t be too dissimilar from what we’ve seen in the past, but certainly nothing very competitive.

For example, BT charges £ 39.99 for its aforementioned Fiber 100 plan. However, Sky charges £ 35 per month for its ultra-fast broadband tier, which is only slightly slower speeds at around 145Mbps. With the three months, BT is still cheaper … but only barely.

It’s definitely not such a great deal that we’d put you off going to Sky Broadband if you are thinking of opting for the all-new Sky Glass TV, which allows you to stream all of the Sky TV channels over broadband, the Box sets and blockbusters from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, and more, and includes a soundbar in a single 4K TV. The individually designed Sky Glass is only available directly from Sky. We have the facts about the latest Sky Black Friday deals here [LINK]

Of course, BT has its own TV programs – including on Sky channels.

New and existing customers who register for BT TV’s entertainment and sports plans from now until December 2, 2021 will receive their The first three months of BT-TV service were cut in half. It’s not quite as generous as the all-free broadband, but it’s still a phenomenal proposition.

If you’re unfamiliar with BT TV, the clever box has all of the usual tricks you’d expect from a modern set-top kit, including the ability to pause and rewind live TV and watch on-demand content from services like Sky NOW integrate Amazon Prime Video and BritBox. You can even add these subscriptions to your BT-TV bill so you have it all on one convenient bill.

BTs The Big Entertainment package costs just £ 13 a month for the first three months and includes access to the latest award-winning US dramas and Sky Originals from Sky Atlantic, all 11 Sky Cinema channels and a full Netflix membership to stream the latest must-binge box set. After three months, your bills will be sent back to the usual £ 26 per month for the remaining months of your contract – just like Sky Q’s fees, but without access to Sky Cinema, which costs extra.

BT sings, dances everything The VIP package costs just £ 36.50 for the first three months Of your contract. This immense entertainment schedule comes with all 11 Sky Cinema channels, every available Sky Sports channel, all 4 BT Sport channels, access to all exclusive Sky and US dramas from NOW and a Netflix membership. Woah. All you have to do is take a few hours each week to try and plow through all of those boxing sets, blockbusters, and sporting events.

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