BT Broadband is lastly providing one thing Virgin Media has been doing for years

BT Broadband is now offering customers the option of signing up without dedicated phone service – something the company has never allowed before. While rival Virgin Media, as well as a number of other full-fiber companies like CommunityFibre and Hyperoptic, allow customers to purchase broadband without the need for a home phone number, BT has always resisted. This makes sense for slower broadband connections, as you will have to pay for the line rental to use the copper cables for internet access. With full fiber, however, BT continued to insist on shipping its digital voice handsets, which use fiber optic broadband to make phone calls.

That has finally changed. According to broadband-owned blog ISPreview, BT has tacitly launched a new “broadband-only” product page that includes bundles without purchasing any of the home phone services, including digital voice (VoIP).

Most of the time, you tend to have your smartphone with you rather than rushing down the stairs to pick up the phone at home. If you have a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes (as the vast majority of monthly contract and SIM-only plans ship these days) there is little reason to have a home phone number as well. Unless you especially want to chat with spam callers about the car accident you’ve allegedly been involved in lately, the Windows updates that need to be fixed over the phone, or the PPI you’ve had in the past have almost certainly missed.

For students and other divided households, eliminating the phone line at home also has a number of benefits, including the fact that at the end of each month there is one less bill to be billed and split up.

Virgin Media is giving away another serious broadband upgrade

According to the newly discovered website in the BT online shop, it says: “Never use your phone at home? Now you can use our affordable broadband without landline telephone service. It’s fast and reliable and comes with your personal speed guarantee. “

There’s just one little catch. At the moment BT is not offering a discount for those who choose not to receive the free evening and weekend calls included in the Digital Voice package (and not taking into account the cost of the hardware and mailing it to customers to send). In fact, some of the broadband packages with calls included are actually cheaper than the corresponding standalone broadband offerings.

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