BT brings super-fast FREE WiFi and calls to your avenue

BT has confirmed plans to install 300 brand new Street Hub 2.0 kiosks across the UK that will broadcast public WiFi at gigabit speeds – around 14 times faster than the average UK broadband speed, free calls to UK numbers, signal boosting for 4G and 5G networks, USB ports for charging devices and a large HD display for advertising.

BT’s first generation of kiosks were launched four years ago as a high-tech upgrade for old phone booths. There are now over 400 of these street hubs in operation in 23 cities across the country. BT has now confirmed that its updated Street Hub 2.0 kiosks will be rolled out in 300 locations across the UK by the end of next year.

None of the upcoming 300 new kiosks will replace the old models, they will all move to new locations. This will be disappointing to anyone who lives near a first-generation street hub and has hoped to access gigabit WiFi speeds.

Street Hubs 2.0 plug directly into BT’s Gigabit-enabled full fiber network. According to BT, this means that users can access speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps within 150 meters of the kiosk. These speed estimates depend, of course, on what device you’re using – and how many other people are connected to the same Street Hubs 2.0. Since these kiosks share this massive bandwidth capacity between all devices connected to the Wi-Fi, you have to stand near a device on a very quiet day to get the full 1 Gbps allowance for yourself. That said, the full fiber connection that powers the Wi-Fi will likely still be faster than your 4G signal.

The first Street Hub 2.0 has already been installed in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, closely followed by Glasgow, Cardiff, Nottingham, Birmingham, Solihull and Southampton, subject to local building permits.

Commenting on the plans, Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London, said: “BT’s Street Hubs ensure that Londoners have access to fast and free WiFi throughout the capital while on the move, they improve cellular signals and help city governments important local data to get information to their residents. The pandemic has been an incredible challenge for many small businesses, so I am delighted that BT is supporting London’s businesses with free local digital advertising. “

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