BT and Virgin face fierce competitors as Vodafone unveils its “unbreakable” new broadband

BT and Virgin Media are facing new competition from Vodafone, which has launched a new “unbreakable” broadband contract that will keep you online even if there is a landline problem. This new service, called Pro Broadband, not only broadcasts the Internet into your property over a standard phone or fiber optic line, it also has a built-in 4G network connection.

In this way, in the worst case and in the event of a broadband failure at Vodafone, the router will automatically switch to a 4G signal, so that you never remain without access to the Internet. In addition to a constant and reliable connection that comes to your home, Vodafone ensures that every room is covered thanks to its “Super Wi-Fi” signal amplifier.

Vodafone is so confident that these additional devices will end the blackspot that customers who are not satisfied with their home WiFi coverage will have the option to exit their contract free of charge.

Another benefit of this new broadband service is that they have instant access to help. Vodafone’s Wi-Fi Xperts are a dedicated team of highly skilled broadband and Wi-Fi engineers who proactively monitor and troubleshoot customers’ problems. They’ll even get in touch with you for the first ten days to make sure you’re set up and your broadband is tailored to each customer’s home setup.

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According to Vodafone, if you’re looking for the best speeds available, customers can upgrade to this full-fiber to the premise (FTTP) broadband for free as soon as it’s available on their street.

Now you might be wondering how much is all of this going to cost you, and there is good news and bad news when it comes to price.

According to Vodafone, the new Pro Broadband packages start at 35 euros, which sounds like a pretty good price. However, this applies to speeds of 35Mbps, which are certainly not the fastest. The faster you want your downloads to be, the more you have to pay.

As a good example, BT is currently offering its basic broadband at the same 35Mbps for just £ 24.99 per month. Of course, this does not include 4G backup or technical support, which clearly sets Vodafone apart from its competitors.

If you want to expand this broadband package even further, Vodafone offers the option of upgrading to Pro Xtra tariffs for an additional £ 8 per month. This includes 4K Apple TV, unlimited landline and cellular calls, no contractual price increases, and Apple TV +, which is included free for 12 months.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director of Vodafone UK, said: “We developed Vodafone Pro Broadband to bring unbreakable broadband to our customers without breaking the bank. Our customers tell us that fast, reliable, and secure connectivity is more important than ever, and even if things go back to normal, their needs for great broadband will continue to exist. “

It is worth remembering that Vodafone is not the first company to offer broadband with backup. BT recently launched a similar solution called Halo 3+.

Like Vodafone, this service offers a standard fiber optic connection in addition to a new Hybrid Connect router, which can also access EE 4G. This means that if something goes wrong and broadband fails, the clever router automatically switches to the EE cellular network so that households can stay online at all times.

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