Bissell SpinWave Robotic Vacuum Assessment: A Easy Bot That Cleans Nicely

“This is a very simple robotic vacuum that works as advertised. No more, no less. ”

  • Simple vacuum, simple interface

  • Dry vacuum cleaner and pug

  • Low profile fits under most furniture

  • Simply change / empty the trash can

  • No frills

  • Inefficient travel routes

I am probably the worst person to test a robot vacuum. I have two children and two dogs, my house is on two levels, which means there are stairs everywhere, and we may vacuum our house every quarter as well. As a result, our carpet is terrible. But maybe all of these things make me perfect for testing a robotic vacuum? When Bissell asked me to take his newest bot for a spin (no pun intended), I was all in. Here’s what I found out.

The Bissell SpinWave wet and dry robot is a very flat floor sweeper and mopper that covers the basics of floor cleaning. As the name suggests, there are two modes. The mode is determined by the attachment to the robot. The dirt cup puts the vacuum in dry mode and the mop head puts the robot in wet mode. The vacuum itself is short enough to fit under my couch, kitchen chairs, and even the step board along my kitchen counters. These are all pleasant surprises.

No frills

The vacuum (which my daughter called “Turbo”) only navigates with optical sensors and shock sensors. The vacuum cleaner neither maps rooms with unusual technology like the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid with its lidar, nor does it do anything particularly clever. It uses structured gyroscopic navigation (back and forth pattern) and returns to places it may have missed. The only other sensors are a downward-facing sensor, which prevents strips from moving, and a soft-surface avoidance sensor, which prevents the robot from hitting carpets while mopping. This is a basic robotic vacuum.

I’ve tested the vacuum on carpets – very dirty carpets – and ceramic tile floors. Both the vacuum passed the hair and grain tests, which was good. Some larger pieces of debris such as lollipop sticks and some cheese stick packaging were not picked up. All in all I would say that the robot vacuum is not as strong as the upright vacuum normally used. That being said, the advantage of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is that you can use it a lot more often and even schedule it for the night, or other times that I normally wouldn’t vacuum. If you run a robotic vacuum cleaner several times over the course of a week, it will rise as much as the post, depending on how often we are currently using it.

When a vacuum cycle is complete, or when the battery goes low, the vacuum finds its way back to its charging station. There the vacuum charges wirelessly. After several vacuum cycles, the vacuum will still easily find the charger. The installation instructions recommend that the Base Station be placed in an area 40 inches on each side. I placed them under a chair less than 4 inches on each side, however, and the vacuum still found the charger flawless.

Works wet and dry

Let’s move on to the mop mode. The vacuum comes with a bottle of solution that you mix with water. Just take out the bin and insert the mop head. So you are in mop mode. The mop attachment has a garbage can that is significantly smaller, but can still collect dust and dirt before running over it with a mop. It’s always a good idea.

Bissell Spinwave Robot Vacuum with wet and dry attachments

In wipe mode, the vacuum becomes very stubborn in small corners. I watched the robot mop the same 4 “x 1” corner for about 10 minutes before finally maneuvering to the rest of the floor. The robot has algorithms that tell it where to go, but I can’t find a method in the madness. I have no doubt that the vacuum covers the entire floor, but I am not sure that it does this in the most efficient way

There are some things the vacuum doesn’t do that I would want in a second generation device. There is no way to block the vacuum in certain rooms. Since the vacuum does not map your home, there is no way you can prevent it from migrating to places where it shouldn’t be. Even additional sensor barriers that you could purchase separately would be a welcome addition. It would hit the board I put across the threshold of my son’s room to keep the vacuum out and the baby gate that I used to keep the vacuum in the kitchen.

I initially struggled to get the stain cleaner to work. I found out that I didn’t get the robot where I wanted to clean it. Bissell’s support website provided the answer, but there was no prompt in the app to tell me that a clean patch couldn’t start while the device was still in the charger. I would also like to see the option to remotely control the vacuum for spot cleaning.

Don’t forget to empty it!

The dust collector fills up very quickly. It is worth repeating that I have two children and two dogs. That’s why I have to empty the trash can after every cleaning to keep it running. Unfortunately, like the iRobot Roomba S9 +, the robot doesn’t automatically empty the trash can, but that’s also about a third of the price. It’s okay to schedule several cleanings a week, but it’s difficult to empty the bin every morning after a clean. A notification from the app would be nice.

This vacuum absolutely covers the basics and nothing else, but at this price point it doesn’t really have to cover anything else.

The outer casing of the vacuum is very sensitive to abrasion. I mentioned earlier that the vacuum cleaner can be cleaned under the kickplates of my kitchen cabinets, but it has often left a scuff mark that makes the vacuum cleaner look beaten up. Fortunately, the scuffs have been polished off with a clean cloth and some cleaner, but it would be nice to see a more abrasion-resistant finish in the future.

After all, the vacuum is not compatible with smart assistants like the Google Assistant and AmazonAlexa. It’s not terrible; It’s actually more of a footnote. It would be nice if you could start a cleaning cycle with a voice command, but to be honest. Starting the app or pressing the start button on the vacuum itself is not difficult.

Our opinion

Overall, this is a very basic vacuum that offers limited robot vacuum functionality and little else. But that’s perfectly fine as it’s available at a low price for the rest of the field. The normal retail price for this vacuum is $ 400. This is a bargain for a wet / dry vacuum. Even better, at the time of this writing, Bissell is making a sale that will bring the price down to $ 250. That’s a staggering amount.

Is there a better alternative?

Naturally! There is no shortage of robotic vacuum cleaners. We have several recommendations that cover the scope. But this package offers a lot of value, especially at the discounted $ 250 price. At this price point, it competes with the Lefant M571 Robot Vacuum, which also wipes. However, these vacuums are at the bottom of the price spectrum, and the cut corners don’t detract from that overall value.

How long it will take?

The Bissell SpinWave wet and dry robot vacuum is made of solid plastic. Sensors keep it away from falls and falls. The battery can even be replaced. I don’t see any problems with this vacuum that lasts for a long time. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Should I buy it?

Yes! Despite all the compromises this vacuum makes, Bissell is a well-known brand that has long been active in the vacuum sector. This vacuum absolutely covers the basics and nothing else, but at this price point it doesn’t really have to cover anything else. As long as it covers the entire floor, you are golden. There are more advanced robotic vacuums out there, but none for that kind of value and with a brand name.

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