Birkenstocks get the luxurious remedy in a brand new collaboration with Dior

In the middle of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, a look at the shoes on the Dior runway stopped me in awe: Are they wearing Birkenstocks? Like really luxurious Birkenstocks? A little later, an email from Dior PR confirmed my suspicions. Dior has teamed up with Birkenstock to launch their own collaboration, which they aptly debuted on the Winter 2022 runway. The whole range of new winter looks was indeed rounded off with a pair of Dior by Birkenstock clogs, all made in the same ‘Dior grey’ and neutral colours. Fancy.

The legendary brands have teamed up for the first time in this collaboration, introducing two reinvented Birkenstock classics. Both the Tokyo mules and the Milano sandals received the Dior treatment, were crafted from felt and suede, and finished in the same seasonal palette that designer Kim Jones chose for the winter wear. There are also elegant nods to Dior’s heritage – a tribute to Monsieur Dior’s love of gardening with rubber details that meet function and fashion, and a version of the Tokyo mule covered in floral embroidery. There’s also a fitting tribute to the Dior saddlebag via the shoes’ hardware. Overall, the designs refer to “a contemporary ode to function and elegance”, as the brand passed on in its press release. And since the collaboration relates to bigger fashion trends, it’s a hint that comfortable shoes are here to stay.

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