Billions of passwords have simply been leaked on-line! Test right here if you’re affected

The security team says they are currently updating this database with any new passwords that have been posted in the document. So it’s worth checking again to see if your account has been added.

Regarding the latest threat, CyberNews said, “By combining 8.4 billion unique password variations with other breach collections that include usernames and email addresses, threat actors can use the RockYou2021 suite to find password dictionary and password information. Start spraying attacks against myriad online accounts.

“With most people reusing their passwords across apps and websites, the number of accounts affected by credential stuffing and password spraying attacks after this leak can reach millions, if not billions.

If you suspect that one or more of your passwords could be in the RockYou2021 collection, you should change your account information immediately and watch out for incoming spam emails.

It’s also a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication, which means that hackers can’t log into accounts without also having access to your smartphone.

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