Beyoncé drops a rodeo-themed Ivy Park assortment – So, Giddy Up!

Following on from their latest flex swimwear collection, Beyoncé is launching a new rodeo-themed lineup for Ivy Park x Adidas on August 19th, and the sneak peek got us like “Giddy up!” Queen Bey posted a teaser for the denim-filled collection on Instagram on Friday afternoon, which makes Friday a very happy Friday indeed. Celebrating the influence of black men and women on American Western culture, the 58-piece collection features a contemporary riff on Americana that includes a denim bodysuit, detachable denim sweatpants, active cow-print clothing and even denim chaps, yes, we’re pretty excited. Like other Ivy Park drops, this one will be available in sizes from XXXS to 4XL, priced from $ 25 to $ 200.

Get a taste of what’s to come here – including the video – and mark your calendars so you’ll be ready when it gets released on later this month.

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