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Merit Flush Balm Cream BlushesMerit Flush Balm Cream Blushes (USD 28.00, five shades) is said to result in a “transparent veil of color” with a “light, mild finish” that is “long-lasting”. It’s one of the most emollient textures I’ve come across in shades of cream these days! It looks like a solid, dome-shaped balm, but as soon as I touched it the texture had a high slip, making it feel almost oily. They provided the “transparent veil of color” with a transparent to semi-transparent cover that resulted in a more watercolor effect on the skin.

I was surprised – but in a good way – that it applied well over the foundation and didn’t tend to raise my base products as often. Very smooth textures, in my experience, can interact more clearly when placed on top of other things. It also worked well on bare skin and didn’t “sink into” pores like some cream blushes did for me.

It didn’t dry out and remained mobile hours later, so the shorter wearing time (six to seven hours) was no surprise. The product was not sticky to the touch, but consistently pliable. I have more “normal” skin on the actual cheek area where I tested this formula (I’m drier near and on my nose).

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