Bella vs Stella: Our Signature Solitaires

How to customize your Bella or Stella

If you’ve decided on Bella vs Stella, then without a doubt how do you feel like YOU in a nutshell? Read on to learn how to customize your setting.

PS: If all of these options feel overwhelming, we are always here to chat and share advice! We could talk about jewelry all day and all night. So drop us a line anytime and we will help you match your style and budget on the most awesome ring for you.

The diamond

By far the most important part of your solitaire – the diamond! Where should I start when choosing your diamond?


While the most popular solitaire diamond shape is round, the sky is the limit. Choose between oval and round for your Bella setting, and essentially choose any shape for your Stella setting: asccher cut, emerald, oval, round, hexagonal and more!

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