Bella Hadid’s classic swimsuit pictures beg the query: are tankinis the brand new low-rise denims?

First flat jeans and now this? Bella Hadid really broke out her vintage tankini and I’m not sure how I’ll recover. The model opted for a throwback style while spending some time at the seaside with friends recently, and she documented the outfit on Instagram. Her eyes may be drawn to her brightly colored Memorial Day bucket hat or meaningful jewelry, but I instantly zoomed in on the tankini top, which reminds me of my middle school days.

I know a lot of people still love the tankini style for its coverage and versatility. Please teach me your ways! Tankinis will forever remind me of being shoved into the pool by a boy named Alex and trying to avoid weird tan lines by lifting the navel flap while lying in the sun. A lot of things have changed since those days of 2006 and I never thought I’d ever bring this swimsuit back again.

Like the big skinny jeans debate, I’m not prepared for a generation change, but Bella’s strategy is one I may have to follow. She reportedly saved her outfit from Depop – a sustainable style choice. If I’m going to slip into a tankini in any way this summer, it’s with the environment in mind. Take a closer look at Bella’s two-part look above.

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