Belief me, these are the 5 London Trend Week developments that we’ll really put on

For the past five days, British brands have presented their Fall / Winter 2021 collections as part of London Fashion Week, which is only available in digital form. It looks a bit different than usual (there are no spectacular venues, no street style, no audience at all) but that means the focus is entirely on clothing and creativity. There is no shortage of creative imagination in our city. If I were to summarize the season on a common theme it would be “all the clothes we haven’t been able to wear in the past 12 months”. Think prom dresses, sequins, feathers, wildly impractical boots and skirt suits.

While many of us will not be wearing the tulle dresses and sequined mermaid dresses, there are some things that I am sure will translate into our closets in September. After a year of sweatpants, we’re all ready to get dressed. After going through all of the lookbooks, there are five trends in particular that I’m sure will affect our clothes.

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