Based on pleased, hydrated reviewers, the easiest lip balms to get you thru the winter

Lip balm is one of those products that is never unnecessary. In summer, our lips are exposed to heat, wind, sand, salt and harmful UV rays. In winter, our lips (like our souls) get pounded by the cold, not to mention the necessary, but incredibly dehydrating, indoor warmth.

Needless to say, it is not necessary to live life in a state of continual cracking, burning, chipping, or dryness. Dry lips are annoying, but they are one of the easiest skin conditions to resolve. All you need is a really great lip balm. We have rounded up 11 of these.

While there are literally hundreds of emollient, moisturizing, and protective lip balms on the market, many of which are high quality, these lip balms have deeply personal meaning to many reviewers because of their long-lasting, crack-filling, wind-chill-blocking lip service. Cuddling skills. (And her taste, duh.)

Click through the gallery above to find out why these are the best lip balms for winter and beyond – and find your new go-to place. (Note: The ratings have been edited and compressed for the sake of clarity.)

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